Concealed series aluminum profile--Paralight

2021-06-01 1612

In order to meet the different needs of customers, Paralight has been developing new styles. At present, we have about 200 kinds of models. What is the difference between them? Now we will introduce the concealed series to you.

The concealed installation has also been introduced before. The concealed installation adopts embedded installation, and only the light-emitting surface can be seen after installation. Our concealed styles generally have edges.

There are about 70 concealed styles. These styles are different in terms of structural size. Concealed styles are widely used, and can be used in ceilings, walls, cabinets , stairs. We need to choose the models according to the size and application. Home improvement, cabinets and other places that do not need to be very bright generally use small-size profiles, while office shopping malls and other places that require bright light generally use large-size profiles. There are some places where you need to use line lights for modeling, then you need to decide according to the specific size and design.

Anyway, there are many styles of profiles, and the use is very wide. We need to decide which profiles to use in specific places according to specific designs.