The sharing of application of led linear lights

2021-06-10 3586

LED linear light is one of many advanced soft decorative lights.It has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy bending and maintenance-free, etc. Therefore, Linear lights are also widely used. Today I will give you a brief introduction,

First, LED linear lights are not only used indoors, but also used in outdoor landscape lighting, such as lighting engineering, municipal engineering, indoor stage lighting and other fields.

Secondly LED linear lamps have strong plasticity. Different styles and colors can be customized according to the different needs of the market and users.

At last, the wiring methods of LED linear lights are also more diverse. The following we have sorted out several wiring methods:

1、End cap wiring: The end cap outlet is a hole made from the middle of the end cap pieces at both ends of the led line lamp, which is very convenient to install. The end cap outlet cannot be seamlessly connected, and the aesthetic phase is slightly inferior to the bottom outlet.Here is an installation video.

2、Side wiring: Choose one of the two sides of the led wire lamp to punch out a wire outlet hole equivalent to the wire diameter. The waterproof wiring is directly connected to the circuit board from this hole. Its advantage is that it can be seamlessly connected and bright. There is no dark area for the chemical effect, and the installation is very convenient.

3、Bottom wiring: The bottom wiring is to drill an outlet hole equivalent to the wire diameter from the bottom ends of the two ends of the led linear lamp aluminum profile. The principle is the same as the side outlet. In addition to seamless connection, the bottom wiring lamp can also be used The butt wiring is hidden at the bottom wiring, with high aesthetics

Today’s sharing is over, I hope this knowledge is helpful to you~